Mars Mission

Puzzle game out of this world

The game

Here you’ll find the most modern games and puzzles involving logic and a variety of skills. Our rooms are full of capsules, all of them containing more and more interactive challenges with various audiovisual effects. All this with professional game masters.
There are 13 different capsules scattered around the rooms and you can solve exactly as many as you want. BUT you’ll only have 90 mintues…

Each team gets a “Super-High-Tech” (SHT) scanner which monitors their performance through the whole game. Our scientists then evaluate their gameplay. You’ll even get your very own digital diploma!

Game masters are always available and they provide the perfect mood.

We can take approximately 40-50 people at the same time. That is exactly why it’s the perfect choice for birthday parties, team building events, a friendly competition and the list goes on…

But of course we also welcome smaller groups of players who would like to challenge themselves. The number of people does not affect the base gameplay experience, it’s just as good with 2 people as it is with 10.

Recommended for

Super experience for anyone! We recommend our games for families, friends, companies, and people who just can’t get enough of escape games. Civilized fun for bachelor parties or other kinds of events. For more information, please choose our ‘Services’ menu or send us a message to .

High tech


Team building


For everyone



Book a normal game now or choose one of our special services.

Normal game

4.000 HUF / person

Bookings via this email

(min. 10 players):


for children (up to the age of 14)  2.500 / person