Birthday on Mars

Birthday party which makes you think

The game is special

Organize your loved one’s birthday on the Mars Mission game! Our puzzles are not only fun, but they also help improving cognitive functions. Children can learn new things while playing, they won’t even notice. Our game masters provide a carefree and fun environment for the whole group. The game can best be enjoyed from 12 years.

Organizing is easy

If you can’t find the right place for a good party and you’d like to make organization as easy as possible then Mars Mission is the perfect choice! The game area consists of 2 levels and 3 halls so we can take up to 50 people at the same time. We also pay special attention to everyone, making sure no one gets left out.

Game islands




The gameplay
The base game doesn’t change, the teams will race against eachother as usual for 90 minutes.

After the game however, we provide opportunty to celebrate in a private room.

The game masters
The game masters pay attention to each team during the game and they’re always available, ready to help.
The party
We can specialize the game according to YOUR requests. It’s possible to hide presents, to throw a pizza-party, or to have some delicious cake. Please let us know what special request you have when ordering.

Unique experience

like nowhere else

'Martian environment'

it’s like you’re on Mars


audiovisual experience

Private room

celebration after the game

Huge capacity

up to 50 people

Logic and skill puzzles

not just for children
Each package contains the professional game management. About the packages:

  • game masters also help coordinate the celebration
  • additional services can be requested (cake, present and treasure hunt, photography) for which we give exclusive offers
  • parking is possible on the nearby streets, 30 minutes is free of charge (paying on the spot provides a discounted price)